Who We Are

High Quality Fancy Shoes at Affordable Rates


It was Winter in December that the idea of an affordable brand popped into the mind of mine. As most people buy clothes and footwear in this month because of wedding season and coldness. Whether it is buying Leather Jacket or Men’s Shoes or women’s sandal would be a big deal, the confusion that sticks most of you from making decision is its quality and your pocket.
The idea is to good quality clothes and footwear both for women and men at a highly affordable price with big predictability. So whether you buy from us today or tomorrow, you will feel the experience.
Zapatla is a local brand providing fancy and good quality material wearing in a very affordable pricing.
Our products include Women’s Footwear, Men’s Footwear, Women’s Clothing and Men’s Clothing – All in an affordable price with quality that lasts.